Mark Stone Hockey Card Red Gravitas Variant /75

Introducing the Limited Edition Mark Stone Red Gravitas Variant Hockey Card! This card is a true collector's dream, with only 75 ever produced, making it an ultra-rare and highly sought-after piece of hockey memorabilia.

🏒 Key Features 🏒

  • Exclusive Rarity: This card is one of just 75 ever made, adding to its exclusivity and desirability among collectors.

  • Striking Red Gravitas Variant: Featuring a captivating red Gravitas Variant design, this card is a feast for the eyes with its stunning shine and unique appeal.

  • Captain Mark Stone: Celebrate the outstanding leadership and skill of Mark Stone, the captain of the Stanley Cup-winning Vegas Golden Knights.

  • Perfect for Display: Whether you're a dedicated collector or a passionate Golden Knights fan, this card is perfect for framing or showcasing in your collection.

  • Investment Potential: Limited edition cards like this often increase in value over time, making it both a special collector's item and a potential investment.

📦 Product Details 📦

  • Player: Mark Stone, Captain of the Vegas Golden Knights.
  • Team: Vegas Golden Knights - Stanley Cup winners!
  • Variant Type: Red Gravitas Variant.
  • Limited Edition: Only 75 of these cards were ever produced.
  • Condition: Card is in excellent condition, stored in a protective sleeve.
  • Dimensions: Standard trading card size, suitable for framing or display.
  • Authentic NHL Product: Guaranteed 100% authentic NHL licensed product.

ğŸŽ Perfect Collector's Item ğŸŽ Whether you're a seasoned collector or looking to start your journey with a rare and extraordinary piece, the Limited Edition Mark Stone Red Gravitas Variant Hockey Card is an absolute must-have.

Secure your piece of hockey history today! Order this unique card and elevate your collection with the brilliance of Mark Stone and the limited edition Red Gravitas Variant design.

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