Puck Gal Card Breaks Family #147: Master Case Clear Cut "Take Or Pass"

$70 Entry Fee - NO SPOT LIMIT - please read the procedure/rules at the bottom!

Stream date/time TBA when close to filled!

Please do NOT use discount codes when checking out for card breaks.

BREAK 147 list of what we're opening! 

Upper Deck 2021-22/2022-23 Clear Cut! Every box contains either a 2021-22 or a 2022-23 Clear Cut autograph card - sealed in a one-touch - or a redemption for an autograph card from one of the two seasons. All redemption cards are accompanied by a bonus Canvas Rookie Debuts card, also sealed in a one-touch! ONE CARD

GRAND TOTAL: 30 cards

    1. I mail all cards to you at the end, so you'll need to make sure and email me your shipping address if participating to staceypuckgal@gmail.com so I don't have to track you down for it, please. You only need to do this once - so if you participate in multiple breaks, no need to send your address every time.
    2. This break will randomize names and use a "Door #1 or Door #2" policy.  Person #1 will have me open a Clear Cut and then decide if they want to keep that one (if they keep, it is locked up and they're done in the break) or open Clear Cut #2, in which case whatever is in the second one becomes theirs.  Person #2 can choose the one Person #1 did not want OR take whatever comes out of a newly opened one.  And so on and so forth.  I will add a bonus box on the end so that Person #30 has the option to choose as well.  The untaken card at the end I will simply keep for myself.
    3. If you are not present in the live stream when it comes to your turn, a new Clear Cut will be opened and you will get what is inside by default.
    4. You do NOT have to be available to watch the stream at its time; it will be aired in the group as a Facebook Live and then stored to rewatch at any time. Your team is your team and your cards are your cards whether you watch as it happens or not! I cannot work around anyone's schedule but my own on running these streams; that is why they're available for replay.

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