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What Is Going On With Vegas Golden Knights’ Paul Stastny?

When Paul Stastny was brought into the Vegas Golden Knights organization in 2018, he was expected to contribute right off the bat. Here’s the thing about Stastny. He is 35 years old. His days of delivering 60-plus points might be long gone. The Vegas Golden Knights shouldn’t ask Stastny to be a world class superstar. But what will get him going? What can Pete DeBoer, the new head coach for the Golden Knights, do to get Stastny contributing to his offense?

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NHL Explains Controversial Overturned Goal In Sharks-Avalanche Game 7

The Sharks found themselves at the center of a controversial call for their second consecutive Game 7 this postseason.  According to the NHL, "[the] decision was made in accordance to Rule 83.3 (i) 'All players of the offending team clear the zone at the same instant (skate contact with the blue line) permitting the attacking players to re-enter the attacking zone.

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