August 22, 2021 3 min read

If you are looking for a way to show off your hockey puck collection, then look no further! This article will discuss the benefits of displaying your pucks in a display case. We will go over why you need one and what type of case is best for your needs. The first question that many people ask is "why do I need a display case?" Display cases provide protection from dust, moisture, and other things that can damage the pucks. They also protect them from being knocked around or bumped into by pets or children.

Hockey Puck Weight And Dimensions

The first thing we will discuss is hockey puck weight and dimensions. A regulation NHL hockey puck weighs about five ounces, with a diameter of two inches. Standard display cases are made to fit pucks that weigh up to six ounces, so most any standard-weight puck would be able to fit in one. If you have a lighter or heavier puck, you will want to make sure that a model of the display case available can accommodate your weight and dimensions.

Some people have their hockey puck collections in display cases, some just keep them on the bookshelf. The nice thing about a display case is that it can protect your collection and show it off nicely! You don't need to worry about dust or other particles damaging your pucks like they would if you were displaying them without protection.

Acrylic Hockey Puck Display Case

The most common type of hockey puck display case is an acrylic one. These cases are usually made from clear plastic and have a square or rectangular shape, with either side panels or no sides at all. Acrylic hockey puck cases make hockey pucks look great because they let the light shine through them nicely-you can see every detail! Acrylic cases are usually budget-friendly, but they also have some downfalls. The biggest downside is that acrylic cases don't protect your collection from moisture or dust as well as other types of display cases do. Acrylic can scratch easily too, so it's important to take good care of the case and keep it out of reach from pets or children. The downside to these types of cases is that you can't see the details very well because there's no light shining through them, and they are also not as durable.

Glass Hockey Puck Display Case

A great alternative to an acrylic case is a glass display case. These types of cases are perfect for any collection because their frames can be customized to your liking with backdrops or personal photos! Glass display cases protect the puck from moisture, dust and damaging particles like acrylics do - but they are also more durable. The downside to a glass display case is that they cost significantly more than acrylic ones do, and the puck's detail isn't as easy to see through them. Glass cases usually can be purchased in either clear or black tempered versions, which greatly impacts the visibility of your collection inside it.

Wood Hockey Puck Display Case

Wood hockey puck display cases are another great option. The benefits of a wooden case is that it can be customized in any way you want and the quality will always remain high! They also offer protection from moisture, dust, and damaging particles like acrylics do - and they're less expensive than glass versions. The downside to a wooden case is that it's not as durable and you can't see through them, so the visibility for your collection inside of one isn't nearly as good. Also, wood cases are usually available in oak or cherry colors, both of which will show scratches more easily than acrylics.

Hockey puck display cases are a great way to protect your collection and show it off. You can take care of the pucks by keeping them in an acrylic or glass case, which will help prevent any damage from occurring over time. If you want to see all the details of your hockey pucks, go with an acrylic display case; if price is more important than visibility though, then choose a glass one instead! It's also worth noting that some people like using wooden cases for their collections as well; just be aware that they may scratch easily when compared to other types of displays. Regardless of what type of display case you decide on purchasing, make sure it has enough space for whichever puck weight and dimensions you have so they don't get damaged along the way.

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